Portland Massage

Thank you for visiting the Portland massage website, MassageBridgeTown.com. Find more information about local massage businesses and the best places for massage in the Portland area. This site is in the process of being re-launched, and we will be adding more content and listings of local massage therapists soon.

Portland Massage Benefits

Most people know that getting a massage can be relaxing and help with sore muscles, but research has also shown many therapeutic benefits of massage including: decreasing pain, reducing anxiety and stress, boosting immune system, lessening depression, relieving migraine pain, and many more. See more on the Benefits of Massage page.

Portland Massage Rates

There are many different massage businesses and independent LMTs in the Portland area that offer affordable massage services. You can expect to pay between $50-$70 for a 1 hour massage in the Portland area. Also many businesses offer special deals for new clients like 50% off their first massage. Some Portland massage businesses also offer discount for regular clients and those that purchase multiple massage in advance. Find more pricing info on the Massage Rates page.

More Portland Massage Therapists

We hope after browsing the site you find a greatlocal massage business for your next massage. There are also many larger review site that have great lists and reviews of massage businesses in Portland and other cities. First, as you probably already know Yelp is a good place to find reviews of local businesses including Portland massage therapists. Another site to check out for local businesses and Portland massage therapists sorted by neighborhood is PortlandNeighborhood.com.